Ring of Fire Thursday 6th February 2020 Update

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Ring of Fire Thursday 6th February 2020 Update: Vidhvan fumes in anger when his help informs him Vidhvan is shooting Anurag’s baraat to another location. He says that he tried to be great and is confronting this all, orders pandit to begin marriage trainings and Parag to collect their goons to kidnap baraat.


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He requests to prepare for union and greet baraat. Guests begin flowing at union place and Purshotam greets them. His guests congratulate him he obtained damad such as Anurag so readily. Shristi gets prepared as bride. He mum comes and states baraat has to be coming shortly. Mother asks if she’s happy with this union. Shristi states. Vidhvan heads baraat towards union place in bus and automobiles when Vikral along with his guys stops vehicles.

Vidvhan asks what’s happening. Brij states Vikral has come together with his goons. Vidhvan eliminates car and asks what’s happening. Vikral states baraat will visit his property. Vidhvan inquires why , it is going to go to where it’s to. Vikral asks if he’s selling his son many different areas. Vidhvan shouts what exactly does he means.

Vikral says his play won’t function here and baraat will accompany his motor vehicle. Vidhvan inquires what if it doesn’t. Vikral points gun . Anurag reacts. Vikral requests his goons to take Vishu. Vidhvan pleads to not. In the home, Daadi informs her union narrative after which Vidhvan and Brij’s. Vidhvan returns home using Vishu and tells what occurred.

Ragini gets ready for marriage. Her amma says why she is forcing Anurag to marry her when he does not want to. She says she just knows that she loves Anurag and needs him.

Purshotam calls Vidhvan and asks when is baraat coming. Vidhvan informs baraat will not come. Purshotam shatters. Sumer comes and asks what happened. Purshotam informs baraat is not coming. Sumer promises he will bring baraat here and leaves.

Vidhvan Singh kidnaps Anurag with baraat and reaches home. He orders Brij to stop repenting and get Anurag ready for marriage. Purshotam shatters when he hears baraat is not coming. Sumer hears everything and leaves promising he will bring Anurag’s baraat here. Shristi sees that and shatters. Daadi yells that their family name is spoilt, it is better she would have died. Surekha warns her to shut her mouth for god’s sake.

Anurag does not agree. Vidhvan scolds Revati that because of her greed. Vikral alleged that he sold his son for 20 lakhs and is selling at some other place. Sumer comes holding gun and shouts to come out. Vidhvan comes out and Sumer says he ruined Purshotam’s dignity. Vidhvan tells whole incident. Sumer says because of their mistake, his family’s dignity is lost. Daadi says baarat will go to his house for sure and sends Vishu forward, indicating he will marry Shristi.


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Shristi goes to her room and shatters. Her mother consoles her. Vidhvan reaches with his family. Purshotam says Vidhvan has agreed to get his second son married to Shristi. Shristi sees insane Vishu and says she cannot see his father’s dignity being ruined, but cannot follow wrong ritual, so she will not marry. Purshotam says he will respect her decision. Ring of Fire Thursday 6th February 2020 Update.

Anurag gets out of car. Parag says it is abshagun. Anurag says he looks eductate,d but why he is letting his sister’s life ruined. He goes and informs Ragini. Ragini fume and says she will shoot Anurag. Vikral enters and says shooting is very easy, but difficult to think whom to shoot. She cannot shoot Anurag now, but someone. His wife says they are doing wrong. He shuts her mouth.

Vidhvan reaches marriage venue with Vishu and tells Purshotam that he is ready to get Vishu married to Shristi. Purshotam gets tensed seeing insane Vishu. Vidhvan says Vishu is very innocent and understand only what is told. Purshotam goes and locks himself into a room. Sumer and his wife knock door and plead to come out, they will do whatever he says. Vidhvan also pleads to come out.

Revati asks Divya to call Vidhvan. She tries repeatedly and says his number is not connecting. She calls Brij and Anurag and even their numbers don’t connect. Daadi says whatever is sown should be reaped, she should be patient. Revati fumes.

Brij tries to convince Anurag to marry Raginig, but Anurag gets adamant. Vikral comes holding gun and takes Brij in saying he wants to settle the issues. He shows Ragini and says he did not see his daughter crying in 22 years, now she is crying because of him. He came with alliance and gave money, if they did not this alliance, they should have rejected his proposal. Brij says he made a mistake and to forgive him. Vikral says he punishes people and does not forgives. He points gun on Brij’s forehead and is about to shoot when Anurag comes and lifts his hand up and he fires in air. Anurag agrees for marriage.

Shristi agrees for marriage and sits in mantap with Vishu. Vishu panics seeing fire, but Vidhvan controls him and makes him sit in mantap. Shristi/Vishu’s marriage continues and Ragini/Anurag’s marriage continues on the other side. Ring of Fire Thursday 6th February 2020 Update

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