Lady Luck Thursday 13th February 2020 Update

Lady Luck 13 February 2020: Bhairavi comes to Kavya’s house together with all the alliance and tells Badi maa that her brother loves her granddaughter and wants to marry her. Kavya gets joyful hearing this. Bhairavi asks where is Muskan, she wants to see her brother’s decision. Kavya gets gloomy. Muskan enjoys breakfast date with Sambhav and he proposes her. She says she will date only who’ll marry her. He gets tensed. She walks. He stops and says he will marry her. She hugs him and he smirks. Badi maa informs Bhairavi she wants to inquire Muskan’s opinion first. Bhairavi says her sisters must be understanding her view also says she will check kundalis and choose union date.

Lady Luck Thursday 13th February 2020 Update: Kuhu apologizes Kavya for taunting her that Samarth wants to marry her. Kuhu says she did not feel bad and says it is good they came to know about it beforehand. She then travels to office in auto and feels sad. Samarth comes to office and clashes with employee. Employee gets afraid and apologizes. Samarth says it is okay, smiles and goes to his cabin. Kavya says his sister came to her home with alliance and Badi maa is okay with it, but Muskan’s opinion is important. He asks if she will agree. She says there is no reason to reject him. He gets happy.

Lady Luck Wednesday 12th February 2020 Update

Badi maa informs Muskan about Samarth’s alliance. Muskan says she will not marry an old man and wants to marry man of her age. Kuhu says she wanted a rich man like SRK and should not reject Samarth’s alliance.

Kuhu calls Sambhav who is busy with friends and tells she got an alliance and he needs to talk to her mom about their marriage. He says he will and says he is busy with client. She gets happy.

Bhairavi asks Pandit to check Samarth and Muskan’s kundalis. He checks and says marriage cannot happen as only 7 guun are matching instead of 36 and if marriage happens, Samarth will lose his wealth and everything. After office hours, Samarth insists Kavya to drop home. Bhairavi calls Samarth and informs that marriage cannot happen as kundalis did not match and if he marries Muskan, he will be destroyed. He says he does not believe in kundalis and will marry only Muskan. She calls him again and says Muskan rejected his alliance. He loudly shouts at Kavya to go alone.

Samarth shouts at Kavya after Bhairavi informs him that Muskan rejected his marriage proposal. He gets into car and leaves. Kuhu calls Kavya and informs that Muskan rejected Samarth’s marriage proposal and asks to come home right now. Kavya says she will reach home via bus soon. Samarth while driving car thinks why did Kavya reject him, he needs to find out.

Vasundhara’s principal informs her that trustee wants to meet her regarding her job extension. Vasundhara goes to cabin and is shocked to see Bhairavi there. Bhairavi says when she called and informed that her granddaughter does not want to marry Samarth, she thought she told this because she was rich in the past, but what about her grandson why is she so arrogant. Vasundhara says Muskan is not yet ready for marriage. Bhairavi says she did good in fact by rejecting proposal and gives her job extension letter and leaves wishing best of luck.

Lady Luck February 2020 Teasers on Zee World

Samarth reaches Kavya’s home and knocks door. Muskan thinks it is Kuhu and asks to come in. Samarth enters and she says Kavya has not reached home yet. He says he came to meet her and gives her precious diamond set. She shouts he cannot buy her with precious gifts. He says he wants to show her importance in his life. She says he may be big shot, but he cannot please her and they are matchless, so he should get out from there. He walks out sadly. Kavya comes and asks what happened. He shouts at her to shut up and leaves. Kavya thinks between Muskan and Samarth’s fight, she is suffering.

Bhairavi tells her servant that big problem is solved after Muskan rejected Samarth. Samarth reaches home sadly. She asks if he is sad after Muskan’s denial, she will get him many Muskans. He says he needs only his Muskan.

Lady Luck Thursday 13th February 2020 Update: Kavya while making Samarth’s family profile at home asks Muskan why did she reject Samarth. Muskan says she needs much richer and younger man. Kavya says she will not get much richer man than Samarth. Muskan says she has a rich boyfriend and will marry only him. Kava continues making Samarth, Bhairavi, and other’s profile. Muskan checks and is shocked to see Sambhav’s profile in it. Kavya says he is Samarth’s useless nephew who is waste and does not work. Muskan walks out silently and calls Sambhav. Sambhav says he was busy.

Muskan calls Sambhav and tells she needs a diamond necklace gift and wants a lunch party in same restaurant he took her last time. Sambhav happily agrees. Muskan thinks she will now see if Kavya is right regarding Sambhav or not.

Sambhav goes for shopping and sees his card blocked. He calls manager and shouts how dare he is to block his card. Manager says he has to inform Samarth before releasing his card. Sambhav shouts, but manager disconnects call.

Samarth with Kavya starts client presentation. Client says 1 slide is missing. Samarth scolds and insults Kavya that she is incompetent, waste body, ruined his reputation, etc. Whole staff hears it and Kavya starts crying. Client says it is okay. Samarth says it is not okay as it is issue of his reputation and asks Kavya to repeat that she is incompetent and apologize. Kavya does same and he asks her to get out. She walks out weeping and whole staff watches her. Samarth then continues slides and client says presentation was excellent and Kavya made is right with just one mistake. Samarth realizes his mistake.

Lady Luck Sunday 9th February 2020 Update

Bhairavi’s servant sees cucumber on table and stuffs it into her mouth. Bhairavi comes and asks where is cucumber, she needs to apply it on her eyes. Servant eats it and says her eyes are winking and she thinks something bad will happen.

Samarth comes back to his cabin and sees Kavya weeping. He says when she makes mistake, why don’t she go and weep somewhere else and lets her off for the day. She walks out. He thinks she reminds him of his failure and he gets angry, reminiscing Muskan rejecting him.

Sambhav comes home calling Bhairavi. Servant says she went to temple with servant. Sambhav then goes to Bhairavi’s room and searches money in her cupboard. Bhairavi comes back and sees her cupboard open and asks where is he all these days and what was he searching in her cupboard. He says documents and leaves. She thinks if he was stealing from her cupboard.

Kavya reaches home crying. Kuhu consoles her and asks what happened. Kavya describes her whole incident. Kuhu says loser Samarth is blaming her for his failure.

Muskan waits for Sambhav at their usual spot. Sambhav comes in the car and says let us go. She asks where is her gift. He says he did not buy it as he did not get his selected design. She thinks Kavya is right, Samarth is the boss and she should marry him. She walks out silently telling she has some important work…

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