Lady Luck Sunday 9th February 2020 Update

Lady Luck Sunday 9th February 2020 Update: Yuvraj kills Surbhi. Badi maa forces Maan to shoot Divya from there. They both walk with Divya towards the hallway and watch Latha and Agram’s dead bodies. Ansh cries hugging them. Divya writhes in labour pain. Badi maa tells Ansh they need to choose Divya to the hospital first. They enter the police jeep and escape.


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Yuvraj follows them holding the gun. Ansh sees Bhoomi’s state and motivates her to be brave. Yuvraj finished requires his ambulance and quits jeep. He and his men then drag Ansh and conquer him. He walks towards her and says he will kill her last and as he wishes to see her in pain visiting every family member dying. Ansh cries to leave her. Yuvraj hits Badi maa and then informs Ansh that even after he advised that Divya is his wife, he married her betrayed Bhoomi. Ansh says that he wasn’t fit for Bhoomi at all. Yuvraj defeats him. Badi maa hears their conversation and states how can Ansh say such a big lie.


Lady Luck Saturday 8th February 2020 Update

Yuvraj says he will kill Divya and shoots. Ansh runs, bears bullet and dies in Divya’s arms. Yuvraj shouts at Divya that she thought Ansh kid will save her, but he did not. She shouts he will never get her. He shoots her and she falls down. He then turns over to badi maa, shows notes and says she gave her once and tries to snatch Muskan. Divya gets up and shoots him. He turns back and says when she cannot be his she cannot be anyone else’s and shoots her again. She falls down again.

Badi maa shoots Yuvraj. Yuvraj says ravan was scholar but did a single mistake of kidnapping seeta and died, this time Ansh who is her ram did a mistake and died, he is a ravan and will take seeta this time. Badi maa shoots him again and kills finally. Divya requests Badi maa to forgive her. Badi maa angrily looks at her and then cries looking at Ansh. Divya continues pleading to forgive her and dies. Badi maa wipes crying Muskan’s tears and walks from there carrying her.

Badi maa performs her family members’ last rights. People hear baby crying from Divya’s dead body and sets fire off. They deliver baby girl and discuss that this baby is inauspicious that she killed whole family before her birth itself, so they should burn he also. Badi maa stops them and says though she is betray Divya’s daughter, she has Ansh’s blood in her, so she will take care of her. She takes baby and asks people to set Divya’s body on fire now.

Kavya slaps Samarth. Samarth asks driver to help girl and then throw car in backyard. Kavya then goes to office and thinks she has to retain her job for her family’s sake. Boss comes and waks into cabin. He then calls her and says she is dismissed from job. She pleads saying she has a family to take care of. He gives her time till tomorow to finsih her assignment, else not to come back to office.


Lady Luck Thursday 6th February 2020 Update

Badi maa requests her tuition owner to give her some advance today, but does not get advance.

Muskan prepares some designs. Kuhu jokes she should work hard like SRK. Muskan says one should have brains and says Gauri Khan is more intelligent than him as she is enjoying his hard work. Their talks continue. Kavya enters and they both wish her birthday, but she gives them cake instead. Lady Luck Sunday 9th February 2020 Update

Badi maa comes home tired. Kavya greets her and asks if she is tired. Badi maa ignores her and asks Kuhu to serve her food as she is very tired. Kavya gets sad. Kuhu says she tries hard to get into badi maa’s good books, but badi maa gets angry on her unncessarily.

House owner comes and warns badi maa to pay rent, else to vacate his house. Muskan gets angry and misbehaves with him, but badi maa and Kavya control her. Kavya thinks she has to get badi maa out of this problem.

Kavya reminisces house owner’s warning badi maa to pay rent or vacate house. She considers to accept personal secretary job. She gives badi maa’s new slippers to Kuhu and asks her to give it to her. Badi maa sees slippers and asks Kavya if she bought them. Kuhu intervenes and says they both brought them and insists her to wear it. Badi maa wears them and Kavya smiles.

Kavya reaches office and tells her boss that she needs 60,000 rs loan. He asks if she is ready to accept personal secretary job. Kavya says yes. He asks her to go and meet boss while he prepares her appointment letter. She goes to boss’s cabin and is shocked to see Samrat there. Samrat asks if she is shocked to see him and starts that he was praying to find and punish her, he will make her life hell now. Samar comes and says if she met new boss. She says she thought he is boss. He says his uncle is boss and he was just helping him. She walks out thinking she slapped her destiny yesterday. Samrat asks Samar to change interiors of his cabin and hug him.


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Kuhu drops badi maa on her scooter. Peon gives badi maa principal’s letter. Badi maa reads it and shows shocked expressions seeing retirement notice. Kuku calls Kavya and informs about Badi maa’s job loss, etc.. Muskaan calls Kavya and she places call on conference. Muskan says she needs 2000 rs. Kuhu asks how can she ask 2000 rs when there is financial crisis at home. Muskan says when she can go to a trip worth 12000 rs why can’t she ask 2000 rs. Kavya asks to stop fighting and asks Kuhu to come office and take her 2000 rs.

Lady Luck Sunday 9th February 2020 Update: At office, Samrat’s old secretary tells Kavya that she needs to keep Samrat’s office clean and be punctual, etc.. Samrat comes and says he needs files ready in 5 min as they are going for a meeting. Kavya stammers. He says he does not give salary for stammering and scolds her.

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