King of Hearts Sunday 2nd February 2020 update Zee World

King of Hearts Sunday 2nd February 2020 update: The Episode starts with Dhruv telling Satya regarding his deal with the provider. Satya is irked. Dhruv has it thanks to them for their good hospitality. Mahi invites him for lunch, the following day. Dhruv refuses. Mahi insists and asks him to believe their room because his until he’s in the city. Dhruv agrees. Afterwards, Satya finds Dhruv’s wallet and wonders whose wallet is that? Dhruv comes and takes it back, says it is mine. He says I will leave today. Satya is doubtful about him. Mahi sings Tu hai hero mera… Satya says I am a hero and tells that he could have defeated the goons and this hero when he would have arrived on time. Mahi makes him jealous. Kajal thinks about Dhruv. She takes his friend’s invitation.


King of Hearts Saturday 1st February 2020 update Zee World


King of Hearts 2 February 2020: He messages that the candy dish was good. Kajal asks her to sit. Mahi says actually we requested Dhruv to not come for supper. Kajal asks why? Mahi says we do not know anything about him, and informs that Satya did not like him. Kajal says just now he delivered me friendship petition on facebook and messaged additionally. Mahi knows and asks her to create sweets tomorrow. Payal hears them smiles. Dhruv messages Kajal…See you tomorrow. Payal meets him says today’s performance was great. Dhruv thanks.

Satya retains Mahi in his embrace and informs romantic lines. Mahi upsets him . She informs that Kajal enjoys Satya. Satya says that’s why you had been staring him. He says that he won’t allow Jugal hansraj marry his sister. Mahi states Dhruv is good and asks him not to get late. Satya says union is not an easy thing. Mahi says we shall speak to Mamma. Satya says we shall think about Sawant’s infant. Mahi says Kajal’s relation and then…

Gangu Tai tells Payal that Mahi has selected Dhruv for Satya. She asks how is he? Payal says he’s a nice guy and says she will speak to him. Mahi says I understand that Mamma will help us. Payal believes her strategy is successful. Later Dhruv signs the partnership deal and states Raizada and Sen gupta partnership will go long. Payal says I had been thinking to turn this professional connection into personal. She says we brought Kajal’s marriage proposal for you. Satya asks him to not say yes, if he do not love her. Mahi states this is embarrassing situation for you, but we were thinking this is the best match. Dhruv says he does not have any family members and accepts the marriage proposal. Gangu Tai says you’re my Jamai Raja from now. Satya believes why did he agree soon. Gangu Tai tells Dhruv that Kajal and Sunil aren’t her own children, but they love her a lot. Kajal says you loved me , even my mum wouldn’t have given me so much love. Satya threatens Dhruv silently asking him to make his own sisters get rips. He jokes that a series needs to be created on him along with his sasu mummy. Payal says certain.


King of Hearts Thursday 30th January 2020 update Zee World


Mahi tells Kajal that she is very happy for her. Gangu Tai says we’ll do sakarpura…engagement and asks Satya to call Dhruv. Payal says he’s an orphan, so we will decide. Dhruv is speaking to his girlfriend phone and she says she won’t let him move tonight. Dhruv says I’ll come in night and asks her to understand that he is busy now. He asks her to give kiss. They give kiss to each other. Satya sees Dhruv giving cellular kiss, and is doubtful. Dhruv sees Satya and is shocked.

He is doubtful. Dhruv turns and is shocked to see Satya standing. He lies to him stating he had been kissing his friend’s daughter who’s so cute. Satya agrees. Later Satya asks Dhruv to not get fearful of Sakarpura…Dhruv says that he was thinking to visit Delhi before performing Sakarpura, as he has some work. Pandit ji takes out mahurat and states it’s of today or after three months. Gangu Tai says how can we wait patiently for 3 months. Satya says we will do the engagement today itself. Mahi says yes. Payal states are you certain? Satya says . He predicts Dhruv, but the latter is sleeping with his woman friend. Satya jokes that may be he’s with his woman friend. Payal thinks to call Dhruv and goes to her room to call himbut he is sleeping still. Mahi asks Payal to get ready and says we all will go. Satya, Payal and others arrive at the hotel……Satya says I will go into his hotel room. Payal says I will also come with you. She calls him sends message to him telling that they have come to resort. Dhruv wakes up and reads Payal’s message. He wakes up his woman friend Sunaina and asks her to get ready as they must leave now….Payal is stopped by Mr. Malhotra. Satya sees Dhruv hugging Sunaina as she abandoned.

Dhruv comes downstairs and greets everyone. Gangu Tai states we thought to acquire your engagement done now since there isn’t any mahurat for three months. Dhruv agrees. Gangu Tai provides him sweets. He’s about to eat it, but Satya comes there and slaps him hard. Dhruv says whatever you saw wasn’t true. Satya says I told you that she is my sister and if you are seeing someone then tell us genuinely. He defeats him. Payal comes there and is shocked. She attempts to prevent Satya from beating Dhruv. Satya is very much mad and hits Dhruv with his hand. Kajal attempts to stop him, but in vain. He says I will kill you. Mahi looks on shocked.

Payal stops him and says what is happening. She looks at his ripped shirt and smiles. Mahi asks Satya to depart Dhruv. Gangu Tai happens to see the mark on Dhruv’s hands and calls him Satya…. Dhruv also appears at her. Gangu Tai says how can this be occur. Satya inquires what happened? Inform me. Gangu Tai says you are not my Satya…he is my Satya. Everyone is shocked. Payal smiles. Satya is shocked and appears at Dhruv. Dhruv behaves to be clueless. Satya inquires what you are saying? Gangu Tai states I do not understand. Payal asks how do you say that? Gangu Tai pushes Satya and extends to Dhruv, calls him Satya and yells asking where was you all these years. Satya is shocked and asks what happened to youpersonally? We will go home and rest, then we will talk. Gangu Tai leaves his hands. Payal smiles. Gangu Tai yells and tells that she’s perfectly okay and wishes to tell the facts. She says I have kept a secret hidden in my heart, let me state this. She says you’re not my Satya….Satya is shocked. She says you’re Karanveer Khurana…and the heir of all Khurana Industries. Naina says Karanveer….Mitul says Karanveer is living… King of Hearts Friday 31st January 2020 update Zee World

Gangu Tai says that I used to work as Dai maa with your Aayi and Baba to look after you. She states Satya was small. My Satya was dead. I watched your breathing and accepted you as my own son. She says that I did a big mistake and did not know that my Satya is living. She apologizes to him and cries. Satya is shocked still. He inquires you are angry with me and asks her to forgive him for his mistake or slap or punish him. He asks her not to grab his rights to take breathe and don’t say cheap joke. Gangu Tai cries. Mahi asks what exactly are you saying Aayi? How can you say that this Dhruv is the Satya. Gangu Tai tells that Satya is having Dhanush mark because of injury in his youth and that is why Dhruv is her Satya. Satya goes to Dhruv.

Dhruv says I can describe you everything. Why did you choose me along with you, brought me up, and gave me values. You’d have left me at the crash place, I’d have died too. He says you didn’t inform me then…then why did you tell me today? He states why did you snatch rights. How I’ll live after knowing that you are not my real mum…He states Deva Deva…and apologizes to her for shouting at her… Gangu Tai yells and says that I did a big error and apologizes to him. She says I have hidden this fact from you since I believed you will leave me after understanding this. Satya appears on… Sunday update on King of Hearts 2nd February 2020 zee world.

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