king of hearts sunday 16th february 2020 update

king of hearts sunday 16th february 2020; The Episode starts with Satya recalling Kareena’s words on spotting Sheikh. He thinks she must be nearby. Anupama hears a sound and thinks how to stop Satya from going out. She thinks to close the door to stop him from going. Mitul sees someone locking Satya’s door as she was inside. Anupama knocks on the door and says I am inside. Anupama thinks what will happen now if anyone opens the door. She thinks she can’t close Satya’s mouth or tied his hands. She thinks to play music system and sits down listening to music. Mitul continues to knock on the door. Krutika hears Mitul’s voice and opens the door. Anupama thinks to go and check on Satya, thinks he is very smart and must have eloped. She comes there and asks Krutika, why did you open the door. Mitul says she was locked inside. Krutika asks where is Satya and Kareena. Anupama says we shall search them.

Anupama calls Kareena and tells that Satya eloped from house. Kareena scolds her for not keeping eye on Satya. Mahi laughs and says I told you that Satya will come and take me back home. Kareena asks goons to close her mouth. Satya is searching for Kareena. Kareena sends a message to Sheikh and he leaves. Mahi sees Satya, but couldn’t shout as her mouth is closed and hands are tied. Kareena comes out, sees Satya and calls him. She asks him to come home if his program to search his wife is finished. Satya asks where are you? He turns and sees Kareena going in car. Kareena calls goon and asks them to send Mahi in ship with Sheikh on her next order after her marriage with Satya.

Krutika asks Kareena why she is doing this forced marriage. Kareena asks her to stop her rona dhona and pushes her. Satya comes and holds her. He shouts. Kareena says I have a surprise for you and asks him to sign on the divorce papers silently else she will harm Mahi badly. Satya sees Mahi’s sign and signs on the divorce papers. Kareena asks him to get ready and meet her in mandap. Raj gains consciousness. Satya is sitting at his side and asks if you need water.

king of hearts sunday 16th february 2020

Raj says Mahi…Satya says I searched her everywhere, from where to get her. Raj tries to tell him that Mahi is in garage. Anupama hears him and goes to inform Kareena. She tells her that Siyappa happened. She tells that Raj tried to inform Satya about the garage. Kareena scolds Anupama for giving her bad news. Satya asks Raj about the garage. Kareena comes there and tells that she don’t have all night to wait for him and asks him to come and marry her. Goon gives fake passport of Mahi to Sheikh and says now you can take her without any problem. Sheikh says I am proud of you. Mahi sees something and makes the chair fall on which she is sitting. She holds something tightly in her hand. Sheikh and goon laugh on her and see her unconscious. They make her sit on chair again.

king of hearts sunday 16th february 2020

Satya and Kareena sit for marriage. Satya recalls what Raj said and tries to figure out garage’s place. He recalls seeing garage on the place where he saw Kareena. He sets off havan fire. Kareena shouts.

Satya holding Kareena’s hand and takes her to room. Kareena says you are doing a big mistake. Satya says you are mistaken, what do you think that you can keep my Mahi away from me for long and locks Kareena and Anupama inside the room. Krutika asks what you are doing? Satya says I am going to bring back your bahu. Mitul asks Krutika if they will find Mahi. Kareena asks Anupama to think and says if Satya reaches Mahi then everything will be ruined. Satya reaches the factory. Kareena calls goon from landline and asks if they have left from there and tells that Satya can reach anytime. Kareena picks the bedsheet. Anupama asks her not to commit suicide. Kareena tells that is going through the window. Anupama prays to God to keep her fine. Satya sees Rocks written on floor. Kareena reaches the place where Mahi is brought by the goons and asks Sheikh to take Mahi and complete the deal. She tells Mahi that Satya eloped from the marriage, but this deal will be finalized. Satya comes there and sees Sheikh taking Mahi in burqa. He shouts.

Sheikh asks his goons to beat him. Satya beats them and asks Sheikh to go from where he came else he will bury her right there. Kareena is shocked and angry. Satya finally finds Mahi and hugs her. Mahi cries and says I knew that you will come. Kareena asks her goons to catch Mahi. The goons come to Satya. Satya beats them. Mahi hugs Satya. He sees Kareena and runs to catch her, but she escapes.

king of hearts sunday 16th february 2020

Satya brings Mahi home. Krutika gets emotional and thanks God and Satya. Mitul asks if you are fine? Mahi says she is fine. Raj comes and says Mahi. Mahi hugs him. Satya sees Anupama and comes to her. Anupama hides her face being scared. Satya says there is a difference between you and me. I can do anything, but I have my Baba’s blood and that’s why I am forgiving you in his remembrance. He says even my baba never gave second chance and I will not give. Anupama tells Satya that she was afraid to lose family and fell in Kareena’s trap. She thanks him for letting her stay in the house. She thanks Mahi and apologizes to her for her deeds. She says I will do repentance tomorrow for my sins.

Satya applies ointment on Mahi’s hand. She says I thought I will lose you for forever. Satya says we are two hearts, but one soul. Satya jokes with Mitul and asks her to tell the Doctor’s name who is keeping her young. Raj says he is teasing you. Satya thanks Raj for helping him being his dadu. Mitul says he shows courage. Satya says courage is in our blood. Mitul tells Anupama is still in the house and that Kareena is still at large. Satya says they can’t stand infront of truth. He says I will not leave Kareena whenever she is caught and asks Raj to be tension free. Anupama meets Kareena in the temple and says I thought Satya will kick me out of house, but he being his father’s son let me stay in the house. Kareena asks her to do something. Anupama says your revenge will drown me one day Krutika sees Anupama talking, but doesn’t see Kareena’s face.

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