King of Hearts Saturday 8th February 2020 Update

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King of Hearts Saturday 8th February 2020 Update: The Episode starts with Payal Donating money to Khan and Romana. Khan says we’re believing after Mahi and Satya go away from your daily life, then can you let us remain with you. We won’t give you a chance to complain. Romana touches her feet. Payal asks them to stop it and moves. Khan says she’s a rock hearted lady and asks Romana to not do any mistake tomorrow. Payal places saree on her and watch in the mirror. Gangu Tai comes and says it is looking great on you. Gangu Tai gives her prasad and states that I prayed for your event in the temple. Gangu Tai goes out. She thinks of get rid of most of them after she succeeds in her plan.


King of Hearts Friday 7th February 2020 Update

Satya comes to Mahi and asks her to have icecream. Mahi refuses to have icecream and asks him not to trouble . Satya says if that is true then I shall go far that I won’t return even in the event that you call me 36 times. Mahi keeps hands on his mouth and asks him to not say this again. Satya asks her to not do so again. Darkhast hai ye tune plays……………. .

Satya gets intimate and nearer to her. Mahi also reciprocates his feelings. Song continues to play. Their love is interrupted by a telephone call. Mahi says she’s to visit office immediately as papers are significant. Satya inquires what about me? Mahi says newspapers are significant. Satya says I will go and brings newspapers, and asks her to sleep nicely. Mahi kisses on his lips. Satya states you’re angry and smiles. Mahi also smiles.

Khan keeps flower-bomb tray below the table and requires Payal, saying work is done. Payal says so Satya will need to confront bomb and gun together tomorrow. She believes he will lose anyway. Satya goes to the workplace in night and gets the file. He finds light coming out from blossom’s tray and then take it all out. He believes it is brought by Khan Saheb. He discovers bomb kept inside it and believes Khan Saheb is planning to earn a significant blast. Mahi picks the telephone, but just then dhol begins playing and Mahi could not bear anything. Satya asks her to stay away from Khan, however, Mahi thinks Satya wants to speak to Khan and extends to his room. Her telephone is switched off. Mahi believes to notify Khan to Speak to Satya.

Mahi opens the door and finds Khan making bomb, and his wife Romana with gun. She is shocked and tries to run, but Romana and her husband Khan catch her. Romana makes her smell chloroform. Gangu Tai hears the sound, but couldn’t see Mahi. Satya calls Payal, but she doesn’t pick his call. Payal calls Satya as a kidnapper, and informs him that his wife is in her captivity. She asks him to wait for their next time. Satya thinks Khan and Romana has kidnapped Mahi, and doesn’t know about Payal’s involvement in it. They make Mahi wear bomb fixed jacket and makes her sit on chair. Payal takes her video and signs Romana to keep check on her and signs Khan to come to her.

Satya comes to Kajal and asks from where did you pick up Romana. She tells from the bus stand. Satya comes there and hears train sound. He thinks Mahi is here somewhere. Payal and Khan are there. Payal tells something to Khan. Satya couldn’t see Payal with Khan. Payal leaves. Satya sees Khan and shouts at him. Payal hides and is shocked. Khan tries to run and come to the factory.

Satya follows him and come there. He looks angrily. Payal looks at them from hideout. Satya kicks Khan with his leg and slaps him repeatedly. He says I told you that you can’t count your broken pieces if you touch Mahi. He says you acts to be handicapped naa, and says he will make him handicapped today. He hits on his leg. Payal sends him video, where Mahi is seated with bomb jacket. Khan laughs. Satya is shocked.

Khan asks if he liked it. He says this is just a trailer, film is yet to be watched. He asks him to do as he says. He says if you try to kill me, then your wife will be killed. I have one more surprise for you, and shows Sid, Roshni, Raj, Simran and Krutika’s pic. Satya says this is my family. Khan says she is your Bua, and asks him to kill Krutika, else he will make Mahi blast. King of Hearts Saturday 8th February 2020 Update


King of Hearts Thursday 6th February 2020 Update

Khan blackmailing Satya and putting forth the deal infront of Satya either to save his wife Mahi or Bua Krutika. Satya says you can’t do this, Mahi is my life and Bua is my family. Khan says you have two choices and a night, think. Satya goes. Payal looks on. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gham song is played….Satya feels bad. He comes back home and is very much worried. In the morning, Payal comes to Satya and asks what happened? Why you are sitting on floor as if you haven’t slept all night.

Satya says no, and says he slept. Payal asks him about Mahi. Satya says she went for event. Payal asks him ready for the event. Krutika calls Payal and asks her to make her meet Karanveer, says I have done whatever you asked me. Payal says very soon and ends the call. She thinks Krutika doesn’t know that her own nephew is going to kill her today. Satya thinks where I am trapped? I can’t take anyone’s life and asks God to help him.


At the event, Krutika asks Payal, when she will make her meet Karanveer. Payal says soon, let the event start first. Payal welcomes everyone for the event and tells that Krutika Khanna is helping Sen Gupta industries reach new heights. Krutika thanks Payal for talking so good about her. Khan gives bomb tray in Satya’s hand and asks him to go, else he will kill Mahi. Satya is coming there while the song Kabhi baaki si mujhme……plays………Krutika looks at him and gets emotional…..

She has tears in her eyes. Satya is in tears too. Khan signs him. Payal thinks one dhamaka and Krutika will die…and everything will think that Satya killed her. She thinks once Krutika names her wealth on my name then Mahi will be back in my control. Satya makes the bomb explode at other place. Khan’s men catches Satya and take him to bathroom for beating him. Satya shouts and asks them not to beat him. Khan smiles.

Payal calls Khan and asks him to ask Romana to bring Mahi there, and says I will see until when Satya will not agree. Satya hears Khan talking to Romana asking her to bring Mahi somewhere. The goons are seen unconscious in the bathroom as Satya has beaten and tied them, and kept his recorded audio there. Mahi sees Satya, but couldn’t alert him. She feels helpless. Khan comes back to washroom. He asks his men to wake up. Satya acts to be badly beaten and unconscious, and asks Khan to leave his Mahi. Khan says it depends on you now. Krutika calls Payal and says I saw karanveer. I want to meet him. Payal says I have fulfilled my promise, you can meet him at any time now.

Khan asks Satya to make Krutika wear the garland quietly and do not act smart. Payal smiles. Satya is going towards Krutika holding the garland in his hand with bomb attached to it. Krutika sees him coming and gets emotional. Satya stands infront of her and is about to make her wear garland. Payal waits anxiously. Satya is about to put garland on Krutika’s neck, but throws it far. The garland reaches its rightful owner and falls on Payal’s neck. Payal is shocked and shouts..


King of Hearts Wednesday 5th February 2020 Update

Khan asks Satya to make Krutika wear the garland quietly and do not act smart. Payal smiles. Satya is going towards Krutika holding the garland in his hand with bomb attached to it. Krutika sees him coming and gets emotional. Satya stands infront of her and is about to make her wear garland. Payal waits anxiously. Satya is about to put garland on Krutika’s neck, but throws it far. The garland reaches its rightful owner and falls on Payal’s neck. King of Hearts Saturday 8th February 2020 Update

Payal is shocked and shouts.. Satya asks nobody shall move from their place. Payal asks Satya what is all this? She calls him son. Satya says this word don’t look good on your mouth. He says my name is Satya, so call by my name and not by our relation. He says I am seeing many questions on everyone’s faces. He says here is the bomb, but will not explode here. He says few people take advantage of others to hide their weakness and one of the third class woman is here, and her name is Payal Sen Gupta.

Satya telling everyone that this is the bomb, but will not explode. Payal is tensed. Satya says some cheap people uses such things to harm others, to hide their weakness. He says one such person is Payal Sen Gupta. He says what do you think that I will kill my Bua, and says I am not weak like you. Payal says this is a nonsense? Krutika is shocked. Satya says I have a proof and tells that her handicapped horse Khan is in his captivity now.

Khan is brought by Satya’s man. Khan says I am innocent and asks him to leave him. Satya asks his man to go behind two steps. He hits on his head. Khan accepts that Payal planned to kill Krutika through him and also blackmailed him. Satya says I made handicapped person alright in one go. Payal accepts that it was her plan and you can’t really harm me, as your wife is in my captivity. She says your wife will be killed at my one sign. Satya smiles. Payal and others see Mahi coming there wearing bomb jacket.


A fb is shown, Satya sees Mahi in the car, and frees her from Romana and the goon clutches. He asks Romana to stop the timer and free Mahi’s hands. Mahi removes the jacket. Satya asks Romana to tell who is behind the conspiracy. Romana is shocked and takes Payal’s name. Mahi and Satya are shocked. Mahi says I heard about Dog’s tail and today I have seen it. She says you hate me so much. You wanted to kill me with this bomb, so we will die together. She hugs her. Payal asks her to leave her.

Mahi says if mum is like this then I will die. She says none of us will be alive, we will die together. Payal pushes her and accepts to her crime. She says I hate you…what is this…I am not your maa and you are not my daughter, I just need property. Mahi slaps her hard. She says a mum always showed hatred for me, and today I slapped you to show my hatred for you. She says what did you ask from you, only love…but you couldn’t become good and is a black spot on motherhood. You will be punished today and asks Inspector to arrest Payal on charges of attempt to murder. She asks her never to come infront of her. King of Hearts Saturday 8th February 2020 Update

Satya sees Mahi sad and asks if you are fine. Mahi hugs him. Satya cries and says there is nothing left now. You got your family, your blood, your bua ji. Krutika gets emotional. Satya goes to her and hugs her. Gangu Tai, Mitul and Kajal come there. Krutika sees Gangu Tai and identifies her. Gangu Tai tells that she was with Sid and Roshni when accident happened, and thought she lost her son Satya and brought Karanveer as her son Satya.

She says I can’t stay without him. Satya asks her not to cry as he can’t see tears in her eyes. Gangu Tai tells him to go and stay with Khuranas now. She says I will go to village with Kajal and Sunil now. Satya says okay, but come soon. Mitul says what I will do alone, as Naina is going to US. Satya asks Mitul to come with them. Satya takes Gangu Tai’s blessings and goes with Krutika.

In the car, Satya tells them that he don’t know why his Aayi left him and went to village. Krutika asks him to have sweets and feel light. Mahi says even Satya says the same. A woman is seen running on road while goons is following her. She comes infront of Satya’s car. Satya stops the car at right time. They see goons following the woman. Satya goes out of car to help the woman.

The woman continue to run. The goons catch her and try to misbehave with her. Woman asks them to let her go. Satya saves her from goons and beats them. He then removes his suit and beats the goons. He tells the goons that girls are not their property and warns them not to misbehave with any woman else he will not spare them.

Satya comes to the woman. Police comes there. Inspector asks Constables to catch the goons. Satya tries to talk to woman and holds her hand. She turns and tries to free her hand. Krutika sees Shabnam and says Shabnam… King of Hearts Saturday 8th February 2020 Update

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