Gangaa update Monday 3rd February 2020 Zee World

Gangaa update Monday 3rd February 2020 Zee World: Sagar forbids Shiv to get his Ganga’s picture to find her, he respects Shiv a great deal but he doesn’t give anybody the right to even touch Ganga’s picture. He questions what is happening, he retains the photo saying Ganga is his spouse. Savitri brings a gun from inside and creates an atmosphere fire, she disturbs Sagar even look towards her daughter in law. She knows what he had in mind. Shiv points towards Ganga and says his father made him marry Ganga. There is no one in her household except Mishra Ji. Sagar now understands it’s his Ganga. Shiv points the gun in Sagar. Sagar tells him to make the fire, he has been living with no Ganga. Ganga is his and will stay his eternally.

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Gangaa 3 February 2020: Ganga comes to hold Shiv’s hand back, her veil comes off. Sagar was shocked to confront his Ganga finally. Sagar keeps the photo aside and moves towards her, elated. He says he had been looking for him all around. Ganga had an unrecognition for Sagar in her eyes. Sagar says he knew his Ganga couldn’t leave him, she came between them to save her Sagar. He tells Ganga he always wondered how was he alive if his Ganga is not dead. He drags Ganga’s hand to take her along, but Ganga removes his hand. She asks how he dares touch her, she doesn’t recognize him at all. She isn’t his Ganga, she is Shiv’s wife. She didn’t come to save his life, she wants to save her husband because he must be accused for his murder.

Savitri wonders why Ganga came between them, had Shiv killed Sagar Pratab must have got a chance to be Matha Desh.

Ganga tells Sagar to leave her home. Savitri cries for all the drama as shows disgust even with the idea. She says if Shiv kept a stranger woman in his room, how he could commit such a sin. There must be some truth in all this.
Shiv was thoughtful about this all. Savitri cries about this all. Sagar says he cares for the respect of their family, but Ganga is his wife and would go with him. Ganga slaps Sagar for holding her hand again. She wasn’t ready to accept Sagar at all. Sagar asks if she doesn’t recognize him, he is her Sagar; doesn’t she remember anything. He shows her the photo, and even points towards her daughter Krishna. He asks what proof he must get to her. Ganga insists she is only Shiv’s wife. Shiv tells Sagar to leave.

Sagar was in disbelief, he tries to remind Ganga about Niru bringing her home during childhood. She promised to play with Sagar, she made her win in kite flying. He reminds her of Jalebi Prasad, their friendship, their childhood to youth, his recognition of love very late, their daughter Krishna. He says there was a day her mornings started with him. Ganga hides behind Shiv and shouts she is only Shiv’s wife. Sagar was ready to force take Ganga along him. Sagar comes between and says he married Ganga in front of anyone. Sagar says he must go to Banaras and ask anyone, everyone know Ganga is Sagar’s wife. Shiv says its Ganga’s consent, she says she is his wife. Anyone could get such photo made. Sagar calls Ganga gone crazy, but she can’t let her belong to anyone if not his. Shiv calls his men to take Sagar outside. Ganga’s head only banged. Sagar shouts at Shiv and Ganga both, he fights the men and return.




Ganga asks Sagar if he is trying to disgrace Shiv who saved his life and helped him. Sagar must have given his life for his Ganga, but he is selfish. He lost his wife, and is finding his wife in someone else’s wife. Sagar cries saying people give their life in true love, he is ready to take this testimony. He decides to end his life, as his life has no meaning without Ganga. He takes a pot of milk and drinks the poisoned milk. Shiv shouts at Sagar to leave it but he gulps it all into his body. Ganga had lost her balance, Riya comes to help her. Sagar looks towards Ganga saying his Sagar cannot live without Ganga.

Shiv tells Kushal to take Sagar inside as he must be treated. Ganga was losing her balance over herself. Savitri was worried if Sagar dies, they would be responsible about it. Savitri says there must be a reason why Sagar is saying this all. Shiv turns to go find the answers to all the questions. Riya takes Ganga inside.
Savitri asks the doctor if Sagar would be saved. The doctor says the poison has spread all across his body. Savitri comes outside, smirking; she gets Pratab’s call. Gangaa update Monday 3rd February 2020 Zee World.

In the room, Ganga’s head was banging as she remembers being with Shiv. About Sagar’s claims. She tries to calm herself down, remembering Sagar who engulped poison for her.

Shiv drives to the city, remembering about Sagar’s claims and acts.

There, Savitri fed Pratab and assures he would soon be the Matha Desh of this village. Savitri says soon Shiv would be deprived of the seat, and nothing can be more festive for them than this. The whole village would turn against Shiv once he is proven to be staying with a stranger lady, and a sinner. And Shiv would also be accused of killing Sagar. Pratab gets into Savitri’s feet for playing the trick.

In the room, Ganga stands in front of Parvati’s photo. She asks if Sagar is right, he has put his life at stake. She only recognize Shiv as her husband, but she wonders why she is so restless. She get strange flashes of faces she doesn’t recognize. She tries Shiv’s phone but can’t connect. She prays for everything getting better. She could sense something bad happening to her. She comes to Sagar’s room door where doctors were treating Sagar. Savitri comes behind Ganga and asks what she must suffer because of Ganga, if she is so concerned because of Sagar that she came to inquire about his health. Savitri asks Ganga to tell her truly how she is linked to Sagar. Ganga tells Savitri she is really restless and leaves. Savitri was happy that this boy is Ganga’s husband, she had to be restless. She wish Ganga recalls her memory and leave their house.

The next morning, Sagar jumps into Ganga’s room. Ganga tries to resist. Sagar pins her to wall and stuffs her mouth, he tries to recall Ganga about everything. Ganga resists crying. Sagar says he understands she lost her memory but he remembers everything. Sagar says he didn’t want to do this but he must, he carries Ganga over his shoulder and runs outside. The villagers had gathered outside while Ganga hung over Sagar’s shoulder. Sagar was determined to carry Ganga away. Sagar insists this is his wife, not their daughter in life. Savitri holds a gun over him and provokes the villagers not to let Sagar take Ganga.

A man throws a stone that hits Shiv’s head instead of Sagar. Shiv stops Ganga from moving towards him and tells her she is Sagar’s wife. Ganga was shocked. Shiv hands her and Sagar’s photos. Shiv was broken. Savitri asks if this means he has been staying with someone else’s wife for so many days. She wonders how Shiv committed such a sin, Shiv accepts his mistake. Shiv says Ganga had lost her memory, he thought this is Ganga whom his father married him. In Banaras, he came to know this is Sagar’s Ganga. Ganga cried watching Shiv. Shiv gives her hand into Sagar’s. Ganga was upset. Gangaa update Monday 3rd February 2020 Zee World.

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